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AN.IV.49 Vipallaasa Sutta Distortions of mind can be because of:
1. Distortions of mental object [sa~n~navipallasa]; 2. Distortions of thought [cittavipallasa]; 3. Distortions of view [di.t.thivipallasa].
For each of these these three there are four possibilities for distortion:
1. seeing the impermanent as permanent; 2. seeing suffering as happiness; 3. seeing not-self as self, and; 4. seeing the ugly as beautiful.
Those suffering from such distortion are creations of mind, distraught and unsound and cannot break free of Maara or the cycle of rebirth.
However it is through the teaching of the enlightened ones that such distortion can be overcome and achieve the Right View that can allow us to overcome suffering.
35/172 Catukanipaata Pa.thama Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.ii.

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