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AN.IV.22 Dutiya Uruvela Sutta The Buddha reminisces about the time shortly after his enlightenment when he was accused of not paying sufficient respect to elderly brahmins. The Buddha taught that those who: 1. speak untruthfully [akaalavadii]; 2. speak untruthfully [abhuutavadii]; 3. speak of things that are of no benefit [anatthavadii]; 4. speak of things that are unjust [adhammavadii], and; 5. speak of things that are contrary to the Vinaya [avinayavadii] -- or words which are unmemorable, prampreu, laewlaek, without defined scope, comprising needless things, are foolish elders [therabaala].
However, those who speak at an appropriate time 1. [kaalavadii]; 2. truthfully [bhuutavadii]; 3. beneficially [atthavadii]; 4. in accordance with the Dhamma [dhammavadii], and; 5. in accordance with the Vinaya [vinayavaadii] -- can be considered wise elders [therapa.n.dita].
The four things that make one a true elder [therakara.nadhamma] irrespective of age are: 1. self-discipline [siila]; 2. having heard many teachings [bahusutta]; 3. having attained the absorptions [jhaana], and; 4. having attained liberation of mind [cetovimutti] and liberation of wisdom [pa~n~naavimutti].
35/058 Catukanipaata Pa.thama Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.ii.

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